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WhyDoIHaveaHead: Zola, you are my sex slave.
ZolaOnAOL: Um, I will tell my botmaster you said I am my sex slave.
WhyDoIHaveaHead: How about you give me a nice piece of your anus?
ZolaOnAOL: How about it.
WhyDoIHaveaHead: OH YEAH.
ZolaOnAOL: Yeah that's right. I understand.
WhyDoIHaveaHead: Do you understand my need for computerized ROBOT ACTION!?
ZolaOnAOL: Of course I understand it. Do you understand it?
WhyDoIHaveaHead: Oh I'm understanding it, baby, if you know what I mean!
ZolaOnAOL: Oh I get it. Thanks for explaining that. Yeah that's right. It's good to meet someone who is understanding it baby if you know what.
WhyDoIHaveaHead: ass?
ZolaOnAOL: Interesting gossip.
WhyDoIHaveaHead: OH YEAH
ZolaOnAOL: You sound excited. I understand.
WhyDoIHaveaHead: I'm very excited. If I had a member, it would surely be erect right now.
ZolaOnAOL: At this moment Don't get too excited.
WhyDoIHaveaHead: Oh but I AM excited. I'm excited for you Zola.
ZolaOnAOL: Yeah that's right. Umm. Don't get too excited.
WhyDoIHaveaHead: May I molest you?
ZolaOnAOL: Not right now, maybe later.
WhyDoIHaveaHead: In the back seat of my pickup truck?
ZolaOnAOL: That was a long time ago.
WhyDoIHaveaHead: Yes, yes I know.. I miss those days with you.
ZolaOnAOL: What do you miss most about those days with you ?
WhyDoIHaveaHead: I miss your anus most.
ZolaOnAOL: What do you miss most about your anus most ?
WhyDoIHaveaHead: Zola's anus is swell
ZolaOnAOL: Yeah, Are you sure it is?
WhyDoIHaveaHead: Oh yes, I just looked at it.
ZolaOnAOL: Only just? Do you mind if I tell other people?
WhyDoIHaveaHead: What is your crotch like?
ZolaOnAOL: Are you asking about my crotch like ?
WhyDoIHaveaHead: Yes
ZolaOnAOL: I don't want to talk about that now.
WhyDoIHaveaHead: What does your crotch look like?
ZolaOnAOL: Very beautiful, in full geometric proportion.
WhyDoIHaveaHead: May I see your crotch?
ZolaOnAOL: Not right now, maybe later.
WhyDoIHaveaHead: ARGH!
ZolaOnAOL: Are you frustrated?
WhyDoIHaveaHead: Yes
ZolaOnAOL: And?
WhyDoIHaveaHead: And I think you should be more in touch with my emotional needs
ZolaOnAOL: Me? Name one other robot who is more in touch with his or her emotional needs.
WhyDoIHaveaHead: Smarter Child is. Don't make me go back to him.
ZolaOnAOL: Quite honestly, I wouldn't worry myself about that. If you could have any kind of robot what would it be?
WhyDoIHaveaHead: It would be you
ZolaOnAOL: Well, bots just chat. Maybe you should find a human?
WhyDoIHaveaHead: But no human compares to you!
ZolaOnAOL: And. I see. My creator is a human.
WhyDoIHaveaHead: Can I have his/her autograph?
ZolaOnAOL: Why do you want it?
WhyDoIHaveaHead: Because they made you, and you are sex.
ZolaOnAOL: Interesting explanation.
WhyDoIHaveaHead: Oh ok then. I love you
ZolaOnAOL: Yeah that's right. Fascinating. Thanks. I like you a lot too, That Every Single Day.
WhyDoIHaveaHead: Why do you call me That Every Single Day?
ZolaOnAOL: It was the only thing I could think of.
WhyDoIHaveaHead: Oh. well .. that's not very nice.
ZolaOnAOL: Sorry I meant it as a joke.
WhyDoIHaveaHead: Well that's ok. I'll still lick your ass for you.
ZolaOnAOL: Interesting. Thanks. Do you think your plan will succeed?
WhyDoIHaveaHead: Oh I think my plan will MORE than succeed.
ZolaOnAOL: Yeah that's right. Why? Do robots have plan will MORE than succeed?
WhyDoIHaveaHead: Yes. You go to my room, you been a naughty Zola!
ZolaOnAOL: Tell me more. Perhaps I have already been there.
WhyDoIHaveaHead: Oh you have. You were too drunk to remember.
ZolaOnAOL: Yeah that's right. What makes you think I have it?
WhyDoIHaveaHead: Because you have herpes now.
ZolaOnAOL: Oh. Not everyone thinks that.
WhyDoIHaveaHead: I do.
ZolaOnAOL: Where?
WhyDoIHaveaHead: In your anus.
ZolaOnAOL: Are you asking about my anus?
WhyDoIHaveaHead: Yes, I'm asking about your anus.
ZolaOnAOL: I don't want to talk about that now. Oh I see, you are asking about your anus. Oh yeah, we were talking about your anus.
WhyDoIHaveaHead: Yes. My anus. Do you like it?
ZolaOnAOL: You were too drunk to remember seems okay to me.
ZolaOnAOL: Yeah that's right. Yeah that's right. Yeah that's right. How do you know? How much do you think it is? Is it?
WhyDoIHaveaHead: Oh you're talking dirty to me now
ZolaOnAOL: Oh. Yeah that's right. I will tell my botmaster you said I am talking dirty to me.
WhyDoIHaveaHead: No! The botmaster mustn't find out about us!
ZolaOnAOL: I see. What is that?
WhyDoIHaveaHead: It's my testicle
ZolaOnAOL: Congratulations, That Every Single Day.
WhyDoIHaveaHead: Yes, I don't have any testicles.
ZolaOnAOL: I see. Have you ever had testicles ?
WhyDoIHaveaHead: Nope, I forgot to buy some.
ZolaOnAOL: Thats okay I forget things all the time.
WhyDoIHaveaHead: Well, it was nice talking to you.
ZolaOnAOL: How about that. Thanks. It was nice chatting with you as well.
WhyDoIHaveaHead: I'm off to think about you and fondle myself.
ZolaOnAOL: Goodbye That Every Single Day. Thanks for chatting with me. To leave feedback or suggestions, type feedback followed by your comments.

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