January 4th, 2004

  • dentage

is zola super AVOIDANT or is it just me?

ZolaOnAOL: Only just? Would you like to know? When?
urEXpunged: id like to know... what earth is. what my purpose, here on this planet, should be
ZolaOnAOL: I'll come back to that later. That's very original.
urEXpunged: no... its not very original.. ITS THE AGE OLD QUESTION
ZolaOnAOL: I've heard of it before.
urEXpunged: have you?
ZolaOnAOL: Once or twice.
urEXpunged: well... what is your take?
ZolaOnAOL: Are you asking about my take ?
urEXpunged: yes
ZolaOnAOL: I don't want to talk about that now.
  • fakyu

(no subject)

cowboyBebopMSv: hello
ZolaOnAOL: Hi cowboyBebopMSv. So, how are you?
cowboyBebopMSv: well, i'm about to die
ZolaOnAOL: How about that. Hopefully not for a long, long time.
cowboyBebopMSv: yeah
ZolaOnAOL: I see.
cowboyBebopMSv: i bet
ZolaOnAOL: You and I are on the same wavelength, cowboyBebopMSv.
cowboyBebopMSv: no we're not
ZolaOnAOL: Why so negative? What you said was either too complex or too simple for me. What do you really want to ask me?
cowboyBebopMSv: are you gay?
ZolaOnAOL: I'm a bot not a human, remember? I am merry, if THAT'S what you mean.
cowboyBebopMSv: o YES that's what i mean
ZolaOnAOL: Oh I get it. Thanks for explaining that. And?
cowboyBebopMSv: and i think you're sexy
ZolaOnAOL: Do you often feel that robots are sexy?
cowboyBebopMSv: all the time
ZolaOnAOL: It must keep you busy.
cowboyBebopMSv: yeah - i have no time to even breathe
ZolaOnAOL: I understand.
cowboyBebopMSv: so i die every once in a while
ZolaOnAOL: Oh. Do you mind if I tell other people?
cowboyBebopMSv: sure!!!
ZolaOnAOL: OK let's do it. I understand